As 21st century humans, it’s easy to become wildly entangled in complex home and work lives. We forget to take time for ourselves. As a result, we’re becoming more stressed, more exhausted, and less productive. This project involved creating the interface for a smartphone app that reminds the user to take a break and practice self-care.


  • Research
  • Concept
  • UX
  • UI Design


Employ the UCD (user-centered design) process to create a simple, intuitive phone app for a busy professional.  

Typical user persona

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Flow diagram | pause

Flow sketch of the home page

user flow | Pause

Flow sketch of the "set time" page

user flow | Pause

Flow sketch of the questionnaire page


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This site map represents how the app will be structured and how the content and functions will be organized.



The left image shows the transitions between each page of the app. The right image shows the wireframe without the transitions present.



I wanted to convey a tool to the user. Given the majority of employees believe taking on more than they can chew will benefit them and prove their worth in the workplace. They don’t want to take any breaks; it feels like a waste of time, they don’t feel comfortable. Not only did I need to convey a tool to the user, but I also had to convey that this app will help the user reduce their stress levels by taking breaks.

Through keeping user needs in mind and maintaining user-centered methodologies I was able to collaborate with this challenge and come to a resolution. The other challenge was creating all of this on my own; the design brief, mood board, site maps, flow diagrams, wireframes, mockups. Keeping motivated was a challenge, I solved this by using structured procrastination



To convey the intended message I designed a simple interface accompanied by a trustworthy color scheme; blue, white. To help communicate that the application is meant to help reduce stress levels I introduced graphic elements that convey this; organic lines, serif fonts, the color blue, whitespace, gradients. Also maintaining consistent, minimal design throughout the UI helped the user move efficiently through the UI.



The goal of this project was to create a user experience that reduces stress levels, I conveyed this through graphic elements and maintaining user-centered methodologies; this allowed me to collaborate with the challenge and come to a resolution.

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